There are documents used in national or international airline transportation. These documents are also called bills of lading. There are types of these documents in themselves. In addition, the airway bill of lading, sea bill of lading, railway bill of lading, shipper's receipt, land transportation receipt, package mail receipt and truck report card are some of them in the transport document.


The Importance of Air Transportation in the Commercial Sector

The transfer of many different products and raw materials between countries or cities is defined as logistics operations. In fact, logistics operations have been carried out with different transportation options since ancient times. This process started with animals carrying loads and has evolved to advanced transportation methods such as airlines today.

In our era, it would be correct to state that freight and passenger transportation is carried from one part of the world to another regardless of distance. In this context, it carries with it many advantages within the importance of air transportation in the commercial sector.

Its Place in the Air Transportation and Trade Sector

Operations in air transportation, which are being used within the scope of its current position in the air transportation and commercial sector, are carried out together with other transportation options. Air transportation is carried out in a coordinated manner together with other transportation directives and methods.

Companies that make purchases and sales of raw materials and products use airline transportation and other alternative means of transportation in order to direct or deliver products to customers. Air transportation can also be expressed as a type of transportation that moves in a way that depends on other transportation options.

This situation is an extremely important issue. In terms of its place in the trade sector, HRA Global Logistics is a transportation company that makes a difference to other competitors. People can carry out the transportation operations of their products through this logistics company with peace of mind.

What are the Advantages of Air Transportation?

In general, one of the most curious issues is what are the advantages of air transportation? in the form of questions. One of the biggest reasons behind the preference of the air transportation system is that it has many advantages. However, air cargo transportation is much faster and safer than some other transportation systems.

While land transportation or sea transportation may take a little longer, cargo work may take much shorter in air transportation. Air transportation comes across as a safe option in the direction of accurate and fast packaging and packaging of cargo operations. It also appears as an advantageous option for easily transporting items that will be broken.

In addition, tracking systems are under tracking in the same way as flights are tracked under normal conditions. However, it is also possible to detect any malfunctions that may occur in advance at the moments when the flights take place.

Advantages such as the guarantee of delivery of existing products within the specified delivery times cause companies or companies to prefer this transportation system with their internal comfort. From this point of view, HRA Global Logistics is able to handle the work taken within the transportation sector, which is included in the customer portfolio, both in terms of cost and time smoothly, much to the intense appreciation of customers.

Types of Air Transport

There are different types of air transportation in order to be able to do it safely and securely within the characteristics of air transportation. Among these different types and vehicles are igloos nets, pallet nets and container varieties Dec. It is realized in the form of seamless transportation of cargo by air and placing the products in the most suitable of these vehicles.

The most convenient and serial transportation of transportation operations abroad or into the country is carried out by air transportation. In this context, HRA logistics, which is separated from other logistics companies, is at the service of customers with its professional team and experience. It is a company that performs the necessary tasks on time in order to complete the works it receives on time and smoothly with the knowledge it has about the activities of transportation agencies.

Transportation of Products by Air Transportation System

Considering all these situations, if it is desired to transport products via the air transportation system, services can be obtained from airline companies providing transportation services. Especially igloos, pallets and container-style air transportation types appear to you during the transportation of all products or in every process.

With these equipment, we help in the process of transporting products safely, lifting and taking them to the plane, preventing damage to the products contained in the plane, as well as until the goods are landed by plane. This situation Deconstructs the problem of trust between the parties, that is, on behalf of the truth and the installers.

Documents Used in Air Transportation

In general, the documents used in air transportation are documents that protect the rights of companies and individuals at all stages of transportation. However, in the face of any problems that may occur between countries, the airline cargo transportation system is a suitable system for everyone to include documents used in airline transportation, due to the fact that it is the method of cargo transportation that will be least affected by political events or Decrees.

In order to carry out logistics activities through the airline, some documents and Decrees are signed between the company and the airline company that performs other transportation. Among them; The airline cargo transportation bill of lading, the main bill of lading, also known as the airline bill of lading, is signed Dec. In addition, the transportation of the products is carried out according to the instructions and suggestions contained in these documents.

Documents That Must Be in the Name of Airline Cargo Transportation

In general, the documents that should be on behalf of airline cargo transportation are listed as the main bill of lading, cargo transfer manifest, cargo accounting statement, cargo damage report, cargo manifest, cargo cost correction statement and non-delivery statement. These documents are very important documents for the smooth operation of the air transportation system. In addition, these documents should absolutely be kept ready and stored at all times.