Ports have a very important role in international trade and are one of the main stops of trade by sea, air or land. A large part of the world's trade is carried out using sea transportation. For this reason, ports have become an indispensable element of international trade, which has a large share in the world economy.


Ports are places where commercial ships carry out cargo unloading and loading operations. Therefore, properly planned and managed ports can increase efficiency by accelerating the flow of trade. In addition, ports are an important part of the logistics chain and bring together many different suppliers and customers in the process of transporting goods Decently.

Ports and Their Commercial Uses

Ports are a settlement on the high seas or rivers used for sea transportation. They are specially constructed areas, usually natural or man-made, in order to provide a safe space where ships can dock and unload or refill their cargo.

The ports also have facilities where large commercial ships and other naval vessels can perform maintenance, repair and refueling. In addition, it is possible to maintain international trade by conducting customs procedures at ports.

Ports and Logistics Companies in Turkey

There are important ports in major cities in different regions of Turkey, which are surrounded by seas on three sides. These ports make a serious contribution to the national product of both the city and the country where you are located. There are certain working procedures for ports that are the subject of large logistics deployments in many sectors.

You can get professional support from various logistics companies for the use of ports, which are an important center for import and export activities. HRA Logistics Global is also a new generation enterprise that targets the highest points in its sector with the service it offers in the field of sea freight transportation. By contacting via the Internet, you can get detailed information about the services offered by the company and send your questions and suggestions.

Ports of the Black Sea Region

There are many commercial ports in the Black Sea region. Decently, Trabzon and Samsun Ports are among the biggest ports of Turkey and they offer export, import, storage and transportation services. The Port of Zonguldak is especially important for mineral exports.

Samsun Port, which also has a railway connection, offers customs clearance, storage and transportation services as well as container loading and unloading activities. The Port of Trabzon, located in the east of the Black Sea, is a specially built port for container transportation. Thanks to its wide berths, it is able to serve large container ships. In addition, Bartın Port, located in Bartın province, has the necessary infrastructure for container transportation.

Ports of the Marmara Region

The Marmara Region is one of the most densely populated and economically developed regions of Turkey due to the presence of many ports located around the Bosphorus of Istanbul. Among the main ports in the region; Ambarli Port, one of the largest container ports in Turkey, located in Istanbul, and Haydarpasa Port for Ro-Ro transportation can be counted Dec.

In addition, Derince Port, which carries out general cargo, container and Ro-Ro transportation, is one of the important ports of the Marmara region in Gemlik Port and Bandırma Port, which is located in Gemlik district of Bursa and suitable for chemical transportation. These ports play an important role not only for Turkey, but also for world trade.

Ports of the Aegean Region

The Aegean Region has a fairly large hinterland and important ports. Some of these ports are suitable for commercial transportation and can be listed as Izmir Port, Aliağa Port and Çeşme Port. Izmir Port is one of the largest ports in Turkey and is designed for Ro-Ro, container, dry cargo and liquid cargo transportation. Aliağa Port is used especially for the transportation of products such as petroleum products, mines, chemicals and grain.

Ports of the Mediterranean Region

The Mediterranean Region is also home to Turkey's important ports. The Port of Mersin is one of the largest ports in Turkey and is an important hub for sea transportation. Iskenderun Port is the second largest port in the Mediterranean and is located in Iskenderun district of Hatay. The Port of Antalya is located in the tourist area and is important for both cargo transportation and tourist transportation.

Container Port

A container port is a port specially built for container transportation on the seas or rivers. Such ports have large berths so that high-tonnage container ships can dock and safely unload and load their cargo.

Container ports have an important role in world trade. Most of the export and import transactions are carried out by container transportation, and therefore container ports are the key to growth and development in the world economy.

Container ports also provide an integrated transportation solution to their customers by providing logistics services such as inventory management, warehousing, control, customs clearance and transportation. Container ports also provide services in such matters as ship maintenance, fuel supply, waste disposal and environmental protection. Jul.

The Working Procedure of the Ports

The operating procedure of ports may vary depending on the size, operating model and operational requirements of the port. But in general, the working processes of ports include the following steps:

The ship makes an appointment in advance to dock at the port and prepares the necessary documents. The port authorities take the necessary measures to ensure that the ship can dock safely.

After the ship docks, cranes located in the port are used to unload or load cargo or containers.

The cargoes are transported to the storage areas of the port and kept there for a temporary period of time. In some ports, cargoes are kept waiting to be loaded onto another ship immediately, while in other ports, cargoes may be kept in warehouses until they can be transported by road or rail transport.

Customs checks of cargo on ships arriving from foreign countries are carried out and the necessary taxes are collected. This process differs according to the customs legislation of each country.

After the cargoes are completed and the necessary documents are arranged, the ship leaves the port.

Within the scope of the operational processes of the ports in Turkey, international standards are taken into account. In addition, the port authority, which controls ship traffic, always prioritizes the safety of ships and cargo.