By definition, another name for transshipment transportation is known as transit transportation. This type of transportation is of great importance in terms of cargo transportation. One of the most used methods for shopping in our age, when global Sundays have been opened to the whole world and all borders have disappeared as a result of trade conducted all over the world, is known as Internet shopping. Not only for personal purchases, but also massively used Internet purchases are of interest in international transit cargo transportation.


What is Transshipment Transport?

In general terms, transshipment transportation is a transportation system used in international transportation and based on efficiency. The reason why this transportation system is basically based on efficiency is due to the fact that it trades on international scales. In fact, the transfer transportation processes and situation are a comprehensive, multi-stage process.

The classic known transportation processes vary between the countries to be transported or according to the regions. Dec. In addition, transshipment cargo transportation is carried out by adhering to international procedures. In this context, transshipment transportation takes place in a very wide range within the countries where it is carried out.

What are the Types of Transshipment Transportation?

Generally speaking, there are types of transshipment transportation. These types of freight transport, which have different procedures in themselves, vary according to many factors. If any preference is to be made between the types of transfer transportation, one of the important Decients to be considered should be the efficiency of the method to be selected.

It is divided into four main groups within itself in transshipment transportation services. The first of these is freight transport by air. In this context, transfer transportation by air is a trade Decoupled between developed countries. Goods and cargoes sent over the air route are transported by transporting them to the appropriate aircraft within themselves.

The other is known as freight transportation, which is carried out by road. While it is used as the most commonly used type of transportation, transportation is carried out by truck, truck, van. Another different types of freight transport are known as freight transport by sea and freight transport by rail.

In this context, the benefits of transshipment cargo transportation vary according to the selected types of cargo transportation. In particular, HRA Global Logistics company is at the forefront as an international transportation company and is widely known. HRA Global, which tries to provide the best service to you in an effort, handles transactions without any problems with the seamless network it has established.

Transshipment Transit Transportation Documents and Contracts

Especially in international trade, transshipment transit transportation documents and contracts are very important. These documents must be prepared in a complete manner. Most of the information and documents required for transshipment are arranged on behalf of the vehicles performing the transportation rather than the sending and receiving institutions.

The complete preparation of the documents of the vehicles ensures smooth passage at the customs places. One of the documents required in transshipment transportation is also known as the CMR document. This document contains a lot of information. At the very beginning of this information, important information such as the cargo about to be transported, the number, type of cargo, weight and size are included.

Advantages of Transshipment Freight Transportation

Transshipment freight transportation has many advantages for the cargo owner and the logistics company performing the transportation operations. In this context, customs procedures are carried out smoothly thanks to the advantages of transshipment cargo transportation. In addition, it ensures that goods and cargoes are sent to their place on time, so that both time and costs will be saved.

During transshipment cargo transportation, cargo and goods are protected by proper packaging and protection methods. Since the product to be transported by rail or sea route is placed inside the containers and transported, it is also prevented from causing damage during the journey. This situation also prevents material and time losses that may occur during transportation.

All the features of the cargo and goods are included in the issues contained in the information and documents, which are mostly necessary for freight transportation. Specifying all the information of the cargoes in the documents prevents damage to the goods. In case of damage or suspicion of robbery situations, a comparison can be made between the information contained in the documents and the available goods. Dec.

Transshipment and International Transportation

Direct transportation is known as a reliable transportation model because it takes place by the safest means of transportation on international roads. In this context, transshipment transportation and international transportation are extremely important.

Especially the cargoes that are transported using sea transportation are usually heavier than other transportation methods. When there is a general increase in the number of goods to be traded in this type of transportation, the method itself is a method that provides less cost and more savings.

It is known as air freight transportation, which is the most costly among the types of transshipment transportation commonly performed all over the world. The main reason why this freight route is preferred is due to the fact that the cargo is shipped quickly.

Freight Forwarding and Expert Team

When arranging the documents that should be ready for freight transport and determining which of the transportation methods that should be preferred, it is especially necessary to get the opinion of a person or people who are experts in this field.

The fact that the documents are not prepared according to the legislation or that there is a preferred state of transportation methods incorrectly is a situation that completely negatively affects the entire transportation process. For this reason, it is necessary to work with an experienced and professional logistics company.

In this context, the whole procurement process can be realized in full and on time, and the importance of freight forwarding and expert team emerges. HRA Global Logistics comes to the fore at this very point and signs the works that will make you profitable both in terms of time and cost with its expert team and working performance.

The Importance of Transshipment Services

Transfer transportation services have a significant impact on small cargo transportation and larger cargo transportation. In this case, the fact that there are different transportation possibilities of direct transportation services and their completion with each other is also an important effect.

It is a very important issue that air routes, land routes and sea routes work in an integrated manner with each other, especially in the field of transport services. This issue reveals the importance and importance of direct transportation services. In this context, HRA Global Logistics company stands out from other companies both with its expert team and with its professional transportation services.