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Sea transportation is undoubtedly one of the most common forms of transportation. When you want to keep costs low in today's export or import transactions, HRA Global Logistics competitive sea transportation services are the best choice.

Thanks to the large volume of cargo we carry and the wide variety of carriers we work with, we offer you competitive prices, frequent flights and the capacity you need from all major ports and harbors around the world. Whether your needs are complex or simple, we will help you regardless of the type of your item. In this context, container transportation supports you with solutions for all your transportation needs.

Sea Transportation Services

If we evaluate international transportation, the sea system is much more important than the highway system or railway system in terms of the amounts transported. Services are provided by HRA Global Logistics for both import and export goods in accordance with local and international export and import management rules at all major ports according to your needs depending on local conditions.

In this context, the teams working within the structure of HRA Global Logistics are also composed of experienced people with detailed knowledge. The staff can help you understand the requirements needed in each country, as well as support you with delivery management. If you need logistics or warehouse management assistance for your supply chain, the necessary support is also provided in this regard.

Container Transportation Functions

In general, it should be noted that container transportation is carried out at the highest level of service depending on the needs. At this point, cargo types or cargo tonnages are the most important factors affecting container selection.

Full container cargo (FCL) service in sea transportation is carried out in the form of door-to-door and port-to-port. Every cargo is delivered to its destinations worldwide both door-to-door and from port to port in a complete manner.

In this regard, HRA Global Logistics provides the containers that are the most suitable for your company by adapting to your programs in order to meet the most demanding transportation needs, no matter where your business is located. According to your cargo type, specialist teams provide reefer containers within the scope of dry containers or special containers for your most special equipment needs. In this regard, containers that are suitable for the cargo owner are preferred.

Sea Transportation Service Network

HRA Global Logistics offers a comprehensive service that covers not only the sea transportation of your products, but also customs clearance and tariff classification. All of these are carried out by in-house teams of international transport specialists.

In this regard, freight transportation operations are carried out non-stop with the shortest transit time with our extensive agency network. Within the scope of sea transportation service, LCL is also a cost-effective option for small shipments.

Sea Transportation Service Quality

Your shipments are placed in containers quickly and efficiently, so that an economical sea transportation service is used even at low volumes. This also keeps the company's transportation cost at a minimum level. This allows us to control costs, avoid third-party interference and reduce ground handling costs.

Teams specializing in all aspects of world trade in complex and creative shipments use the latest tools and technologies to deliver urgent, expensive and diversified shipments along the logistics chain with the utmost attention and care. In this context, the experience we have as HRA Global Logistics provides great advantages to customers in the transportation network.

Features of Sea Transportation

If you need to carry special cargo, there must be a sea transportation service for the unique characteristics of the products you are transporting. Within this scope, special container equipment is provided for areas such as logistics of perishable goods and cold chain project logistics. At the same time, depending on the product tonnage characteristics, container options of 40 or 20 are also offered.

HRA Global Logistics special export services special export teams in all subsidiaries provide necessary advice and assistance to customers about services, Sundays, business lines and document procedures to reduce foreign country non-compliance risks and administrative time. You can choose a different sea transportation depending on the quantity and quality of your goods. At this point, the necessary suggestions and assistance are provided by HRA Global Logistics.

Sea Transportation Special Services

The world trade network is extremely important in terms of providing a complete supply chain service. Within this scope, HRA Global Logistics completes marine operations with special freight and warehousing operations teams, European and worldwide inventory management and last mile deliveries.

The company uses the same technology and the same procedures in every field. This means that your team can rely on the reliability and visibility of data anywhere in the world.

For all products transported by HRA Global Logistics, customs clearance, warehousing or similar logistics services are provided for the entry / exit of goods at all major ports of the world.

HRA Global Logistics also provides complete and partial big business transportation services, as well as customs clearance, port services, ship rental and combined transportation.

Maritime Transportation Operations

HRA Global Logistics sea transportation follows a cost-competitive path. Our operators offer you various possibilities to personalize the shipment and best meet any of your transport requests.

It provides cost-effective transportation of the cargo you have by transporting or transferring it from a single port. In this context, the preferred container transportation is capable of meeting your needs no matter what.

Accordingly, HRA Global Logistics provides benefits in all areas of transportation in addition to its extensive service network. For those who want economical transportation, the choice of sea transportation is ideal. In this regard, HRA Global Logistics experiences organizes and manages sea transportation down to the smallest detail.

HRA Global Logistics determines the best method and route to shorten the shipping time from port to port in maritime transportation services, and considers all the stages of loading and unloading in detail. Safety and detailed control are always at the forefront.

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